# State Description
1 In Development Your quiz is not yet live. Deploy a quiz to send it to your users.
2 Ready Your quiz has been deployed but you have set a start date in the future, we will deploy your quiz and notify your users when it is released on the start date.
3 Live Your quiz is live, your users can complete their training!
4 Closed Your quiz is no longer available. Either it was manually taken down or it has passed its due date.
Start State End State Description
In Development Ready Deploy your quiz, but set a start date in the future.
In Development Live Deploy your quiz without a start date in the future.
Ready Live Change the start date to the current day, and deploy the quiz again.
Live Closed Your quiz will close automatically if it has an end date. Otherwise you can close the quiz manually from the quizzes screen.
Closed Live You can redepoly closed quizzes. If you redeploy a quiz anyone who hasn't completed it will be notified that it is available again.

If a quiz is live you are able to edit limited amounts of quiz information. We do this so that everyone who has already completed the quiz pre-edit is in a fair boat as those who wait till later and attempt the quiz post-edit.

If a quiz is live you can edit the following fields

  • Title
  • Description
  • End Date
  • Roles (Employer)
  • Audience (Vendor)
  • Quiz image
  • Video

You can not edit

  • Rewards
  • Pass Score

If a quiz is live there is very limited editing of questions allowed. We do not allow you to add or remove questions, change correct answers, or reorder questions. We do allow you edit the question and answer text. We limit it in a way to make sure that all employees are graded equally, and to make sure that there are no discrepancies between quiz results for employees before and after an edit.

Attribute Description
Name The name of the quiz that users will see on the app
Description A spot to give the user a quick overview of what they will learn in the video and quiz.
Start Date Date the quiz will be available to be deployed. If left blank will be set to the day the quiz was created.
End Date Date your quiz will automatically be closed an unavailable. If blank we will never take it down.
Roles (Employer) What roles in your company should receive this training content.
Audience (Vendor) What companies and rolls should receive your training content
Quiz Image The image that will show up on the quiz of the app.
Quiz Video The video that will play at the start of each quiz.
Questions Questions in the quiz.
Pass Score The number of correct answers a user must score in order to pass the quiz.
  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Select All
  • In the app we make it clear to users what type of question it is. So no need to preface questions with statements like “True or false: ” or “Select all that apply”, we got you covered.
  • You can drag and drop your questions to reorder them.
  • You must have at least one question

We currently only support a maximum of 4 multiple choice or select all options. We find this is easier to digest on a small screen as we can comfortably fit all answers on the screen at once, which works best for a micro-learning style module.

Accepted File Types
  • .bmp
  • .jpg/.jpeg
  • .gif
  • .png

Images dimensions must be at least 480×480 pixels.

Supported Video Types
  • .avi
  • .flv
  • .mov
  • .mp4
Max File Size

Videos should have a maximum file size of 300mb.

Recommended Length

Videos should be short and digestible. We recommend 5 minutes on average.

My Video upload didn't work,

To maximize your content's visual quality, we recommend following these compression guidelines and steps. The best way to compress and convert your videos is to use the awesome free tool, Handbrake. If your video is not one of the accepted types you can easily convert your files with Handbrake.

My Video is already on Youtube or Vimeo

If you have a video on Youtube or Vimeo that you would like to use, we'll need you to actually upload the video file with us. We do this so we can control the video availability, compression quality, and to make sure that there are no adds or commercials when someone tries to do their training. The Easiest to get the video file from either Youtube or Vimeo, is to simply paste the link into this free service, Video Grabby, and click "Record Video".

What is an Audience

Your audience is the reach of this quiz. You can set which companies you would like to target, and what the employees who fall under certain roles. For example, you can pick all the restaurants that serve your craft beer and send content to their bartenders

How does it work

Companies in the left table will be able to complete your quiz, while companies in the right table will not. Use the ‘Add’ and ‘Remove’ buttons to fine tune the companies whose employees you want to reach. Select the roles in the drop down at the bottom of the page to further filter the employees who should receive this training.

Still have a question, click the chat bubble and send us a question or shoot us an email