Team Members

A team is where you work, the company and the location. The team you are a part of dictates which training you receive, and which vendor training you are eligible receive.

  • Your employer can send you an invitation to create an account and join their team.
  • You can search for your company and location on the add teams page. If you sign up through the app and aren't a member of a team we'll ask you where you work during the signup process.
  • Your employer can also give you a QR code, if you click the add team button in the teams tab you’ll see there is a QR code scanner

Contact us, there is a link right on that page within the app that will open up a pre populated email that you can send to us, that is the best way for us to get you up and running as fast as possible

This is your role on your team (are you a bartender, a server, a line cook, etc) choosing the right role is important in getting assigned the proper content. You can change your roles inside the teams tab.

Remember your manager can see what your roles are and can update them at anytime

Still have a question, click the chat bubble and send us a question or shoot us an email